Sacred Women in Circle

Together we rise, together we cry, together are petals bloom, our truth revealed, and we are healed and free.

Heartspace ~ because open hearts, open hearts.

“Inspiring Connections through heartfelt conversations.”

We gather together in circle,

and listen.

We listen to our sisters, we take time to observe, to reflect and honor our sisters and ourselves.


we’re able to heal the sister wounds.

The wounds that exist because SHE didn’t stand up for me,

protect me,

fight for me.

We are here sisters.

We are here to listen to your truth.

We are here to hold you as you release.

We are here to celebrate you as you receive.

Come into this safe , loving, and sacred space because

speaking your truth will free your soul, empower & shape your life.

The feminine energies of life have been living in quiet patience, waiting patiently for the call.  The masculine force, now calls upon the feminine for balance.  The masculine energy of intelligence, structure, drive, force, and pure will power for survival has sustained us and our society, as once did the hunters of the tribal times.  Now, our societies are crying out, for the feminine energy of intuition, ease, flow, and collaboration so we can thrive and nourish our tired souls.  Women and men living in partnership.

Women, it’s time for us to empower our souls, peel off the layers of the masculine energy that has been covering our feminine expression of creative flow, enlightening and awaken our truth.

Empower your life, free your soul, validate your intuitive wisdom.

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