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Doesn’t life feel like a journey of pain and conflict both on the outside and the inside?  Soo many times I start to blame other people around me, feel bad, and then start to blame myself.  AND then I ask myself THE question AGAIN…what do I need to learn so I can get out of this?  Can you relate?

Then I focus hard, on digging deep, and finding answers.  It’s like a race to the finish so I can feel whole again.

I find myself in similar cycles over and over again.  It gets so frustrating!  I’m doing the work, I’m making positive impacts, I’m learning, etc.  I’m working at it, but it’s still FEELS like an on going struggle.

We’ve put our kids first, our husband’s first, and our careers first, and in the process, have burnt ourselves out.  (Of course, it was all worth it.)  That’s the greatest aspect of who we are as women, we love with all our hearts.  But now we feel a need to bring that inspiration, passion, and empowerment back to ourselves and live an inspired life.

Are you with me HERE?

Do you want find yourself again?  Feel inspired, adventurous, and empowered?  

It took a lot of  years to get to this point, and it will take time to find yourself again, but it’s TOTALLY  worth it, YOU’RE TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Now it’s time for you to get the support to create a life that is worth living.

I believe that finding yourself and creating an inspired life begins with empowering yourself.  Inspiring Connections is your resource to support you to empower your mind, body, & soul.

Whether is be working with me as your coach or sharing resources, you will always get the most authentic and caring guidance.  We are all part of a collective whole, and my life purpose it to support you toward living in peace through provoking thought and inspired action.

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Spirit of Freedom

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