What is a life coach?

A life coach is a partner, in creating the experience that is valuable for you, to attain your goals, passions, and to empower you.  A life coach doesn’t coach you like a sport coach.  A life coach creates a space for open conversation, and inquiry into your inner wisdom, knowledge, and ideas.

In a solution focused framework,  you can manifest what you already know into an embodied experience and action plan to achieve your goals and vision for your life, creating a sense of peace.

A life coach is skilled in creating the framework for the conversation, for you to envision what you desire, to discover why it’s really important to you, to know when you achieve it, and to create manageable actions steps toward your desires and goals.

The conversation is guided by you the client.  Why?  Because of these 5 Ericksonian principles only you know yourself the best:

  1. YOU are OK – everyone is ok as they are.  Meaning that where ever you are on your journey in life, it is exactly where you are meant to be.  Why?  Because that is where you are, by the choices that you’ve made in the past.
  2. YOU has a positive intention – in exploring to the deeper meaning of our intentions, going beyond the the surface, beneath the layers you will find that there is always a positive intention for a your actions.
  3. YOU make the best choice that is available to them – believing that each individual, when given the opportunity, can and will make the best choices for themselves at that time.  You know yourself the best, as you are unique.
  4. YOU have all the resources you need – belief that you do have an inner wisdom, knowledge, intuition, experience to create solutions to attaining your desires.
  5. Change is inevitable – we’re changing every moment in our lives, regardless if we do nothing or we’re busy as heck.  You can’t ever go back to the last hour, minute, or even seconds that has passed.  So, no matter what you do, or don’t do, things will change with time.

Words have power and energy, and saying your ideas out loud has a powerful effect on your heart and soul, which helps you to awaken to your most deepest values.  Values that make you feel passionate and full of purpose and excited to get out of bed in the morning!

Most life coaches have a gift Life coaches serve you to live your most inspired and empowered life.

See what Google CEO says about coaching here.




FullSizeRender 19Love this…becoming aware that our perception of others can tell us so much more about ourselves with wisdom and insight, and being truthful to ourselves with selfLove to who we are. Giving ourselves the compassion to be human and to transform poison into medicine, and accept what is.

Oh, You Fancy Huh?!

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Stop the Blame Game, Step into Your power

It’s so easy to blame someone else for everything.

I’ve blamed the car that cut me off for getting me upset.  I’ve blamed the rude, inconsiderate customer for making me feel defensive, or my kids for making me feel frustrated because they haven’t taken out the trash or did their homework, or put away their dishes, for the upteenth time! I’ve blamed my husband for not being considerate enough, for being too agreeable, for not understanding me, for not feeling connected.  If you’re like me, that sounds so spot on your life too.

And it goes the other way too…

You’ve been blamed for not caring enough, for not understanding, for not knowing or doing what you “should” have done, etc.

BUT, the worst blame is the one that comes from your own voice.

Our own expectations of how we believe we should and shouldn’t be creates black and white thinking.  This OR that, us OR them, you get the picture.  It starts a snowball of negative thoughts and separation and competition.  Here is where we begin to give our power away.  We allow our emotional energy to be determined by what they are doing, thinking, saying about us.

Making other people’s behavior about you is giving away your power.

We have no control over other people, when we let what they do and say control how we act, we’re allowing those people to control us.  Honoring our own power, or as I like to call it our SOULight is our freedom from this madness.  It’s not control, it’s faith.  For me faith is in the law of causality, the law of cause and effect.  Whatever your faith is, you must have undeniable faith, and allow your mind to release everything, and your heart to feel everything, and LET GO…

Mind you, this does take practice.  And it’s not an easy one at that!  My first gut reaction was, WHAT?  You want me to not have any expectations, how could I live, or get anything done?  I’m not saying to give up your goals or visions, or responsibilities.

I’m just saying, consider GIVING IN to the process.  HONOR that you are on the journey, and continuing on the path that unfolds.

Right now, if you feel it’s right, pause and take a deep breath here, several times, and release….

Our breath can help us create the sensitivity to feel the energy that’s within our bodies, and our souls.  That light, beautiful feeling is our power.  Our power of life, gentleness, compassion, humility, wisdom, and love.

Step into your power of SOULight.  Feel it radiate from your very soul, throughout your body, and out toward all life, and everything that is, in the world.  Let your heart expand, your mind soften, your belly release, your shoulder relax…


Respect and honor the SOULight of others, and step into your power, keep it with  you, and  radiate your SOULight as brightly as you can possibly beam.  Honor yourself, fully and completely, as uniquely imperfect human BEings.

BE with love and peace.



Breathing…the teacher of life.

“My breath is the gift of life, it’s a flow, it’s ease, and it’s natural. My breath is my teacher.”

We often don’t think about simple things in life, especially stuff that’s essential to our own well being and crucial to sustaining our very lives.  How often do you notice your breathing?  Besides when you are choking, coughing, drowning…well, basically besides when you can’t catch your breath?  If you’re like how I used to be, the answer would be hardly ever.

Our breath connects us to our very life, it sustains us.

It can relax us with a big sigh, or excite us with a huge scream!

Because our breath is tied to our emotions, and our state of being, it’s so important to pay close attention to how we breathe.

Have you ever started to drown, or lose your breath?

For most of us, our first reaction is to panic, and scramble to catch our breath.

Don’t we do that in our own lives?

When there’s some crappy stuff in our life, we’re buried in overwhelm, burdened with our “To Do” list, conflict, and be start to feel tied down, constricted, repressed.  Our first reaction is to change it to something better, something desirable and we begin to scramble, scramble to catch our breath.  The more we try so hard to push, and force our way to catch our breath, the tougher it gets.

We become wild with panic. Shoot, we could even be hurting other people around us who’s trying to help us… Until, at some point, we just can’t do this anymore and we give in.

When we give in, we naturally start to relax into our body because our mind is relaxed. Then, as if by some miracle, the energy around us supports us, we float to the top.  We can Breathe again!

So, just imagine that your breath is flowing throughout your whole entire body, with every inhale and exhale, you are connecting to your soul energy.  Feel it flow throughout every part of your body, feel the tingling as it flows.

Once you connect to your own energy, and feel the power of your own life, then you’ve connected to your truth, the energy of your soul.

This soft, strong, peaceful energy.  Radiate that energy, your SOULight.  

Allow yourself to roll with the waves of your breath, to let the current of your life guide you, to a place of learning and deeper meaning.

Use your breath as a start to awareness.

Take a deep breath, and keep breathing…

Challenge: Everyday, 3 times a day, take time to notice your breathing rhythm.  Then take 5 slow, deep breaths and on your exhale really feel into your body and letting go and giving into your own life.  What do you notice?