Stop the Blame Game, Step into Your power

It’s so easy to blame someone else for everything.

I’ve blamed the car that cut me off for getting me upset.  I’ve blamed the rude, inconsiderate customer for making me feel defensive, or my kids for making me feel frustrated because they haven’t taken out the trash or did their homework, or put away their dishes, for the upteenth time! I’ve blamed my husband for not being considerate enough, for being too agreeable, for not understanding me, for not feeling connected.  If you’re like me, that sounds so spot on your life too.

And it goes the other way too…

You’ve been blamed for not caring enough, for not understanding, for not knowing or doing what you “should” have done, etc.

BUT, the worst blame is the one that comes from your own voice.

Our own expectations of how we believe we should and shouldn’t be creates black and white thinking.  This OR that, us OR them, you get the picture.  It starts a snowball of negative thoughts and separation and competition.  Here is where we begin to give our power away.  We allow our emotional energy to be determined by what they are doing, thinking, saying about us.

Making other people’s behavior about you is giving away your power.

We have no control over other people, when we let what they do and say control how we act, we’re allowing those people to control us.  Honoring our own power, or as I like to call it our SOULight is our freedom from this madness.  It’s not control, it’s faith.  For me faith is in the law of causality, the law of cause and effect.  Whatever your faith is, you must have undeniable faith, and allow your mind to release everything, and your heart to feel everything, and LET GO…

Mind you, this does take practice.  And it’s not an easy one at that!  My first gut reaction was, WHAT?  You want me to not have any expectations, how could I live, or get anything done?  I’m not saying to give up your goals or visions, or responsibilities.

I’m just saying, consider GIVING IN to the process.  HONOR that you are on the journey, and continuing on the path that unfolds.

Right now, if you feel it’s right, pause and take a deep breath here, several times, and release….

Our breath can help us create the sensitivity to feel the energy that’s within our bodies, and our souls.  That light, beautiful feeling is our power.  Our power of life, gentleness, compassion, humility, wisdom, and love.

Step into your power of SOULight.  Feel it radiate from your very soul, throughout your body, and out toward all life, and everything that is, in the world.  Let your heart expand, your mind soften, your belly release, your shoulder relax…


Respect and honor the SOULight of others, and step into your power, keep it with  you, and  radiate your SOULight as brightly as you can possibly beam.  Honor yourself, fully and completely, as uniquely imperfect human BEings.

BE with love and peace.



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