Gaining Confidence: Are achievements a good source of confidence?

FullSizeRender 15Here I am struggling with confidence in passing my oral assessment for the PCC level coaching certification.  I’ve worked hard for over a year on my training, practice, integration, and continuous growth on this, not to mention the past 40 something years of experience that brought me to this point of my life.  I’ve always felt in the past, that I wasn’t lacking in confidence, not that I exude confidence in everything I do, it’s just I’ve always just been able to have the courage to move forward to what I wanted to achieve in my life.  But this one is a big one.  I REALLY am passionate, in my heart, to achieve this level of proficiency of coaching.
So here I am pondering my confidence… as I do so, I think about what is really undermining my confidence?  I realize it’s my expectation of what I want the most, to succeed and accomplish my goal. And if I don’t meet my expectation…then…what?
This is THE most crucial part, the part when you fill in the blanks.  These are some of my “fill in the blanks”… If I don’t succeed then…I’m a failure, then I suck, then I’m not good enough, and on and on…the negative self talk.  I realize, this is what causes fear, anxiety, and lack of confidence.
You see… the outcome, success or failure, only tells us what worked well, and what we could do better.  It doesn’t provide the value of who we really are.
INSTEAD of focusing on the outcome, focus on the real work, the process that got you to where you are.
Before getting to that point of success or failure, there was the beginning of that journey, the decision to take on that new project, goal, passion, to take on that new endeavor.  That’s where your courage revealed itself.
As you moved along that journey, your effort, determination, perseverance, passion, courage, creativity, etc. drove you to keep moving toward your vision.  Now don’t you think that’s a more accurate measure of success?!
Imagine a baby learning to walk… does the baby think, I suck at walking,I can’t do this?  NO.  The baby will instinctually get back up and try and try again.
Somewhere along our lives, we learn to bad talk ourselves, and listen to that fearful voice, instead of following our instincts to get back up and keep at it.
As we learn to step into our power, our soul power, that keeps us moving toward our goals, we can’t help but exercise our power from our true value.  Our essence of who we are, manifests into our powerful energy that moves us toward our passions.  The more we move forward, the more we focus on our power, the more we are able to see who we truly are, and that is the source of confidence.
I invite you to reflect on your journey. Reveal the values you live from, and awaken your consciousness and confidence to your truth.
I would love to hear what values you might gain confidence from! ❤
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