No Pain, No Gain – Find Peace in Your World

     The suffering and disharmony we see manifesting in our world, is a reflection of our  own environment. Our surroundings and how we perceive it, is created from our minds and our energy, our life force.  It’s so much easier to blame the “others”, but that only creates more internal turmoil.
     Maybe we don’t blame anyone, and accept that it’s just the way it is? And we just begin to create changes in our own lives, to be that one ripple outward?
     We can creating changes through embodying peace and harmony within our core inner self.  As the core of our own world, we radiate our soul energy outward and let it flow, peacefully and naturally.
     Peace and harmony are at the core of your life force and your state of being.  
I’ve been told many times, by many people that world peace will NEVER happen.  Logically, at one layer this could be true, however, looking at it from another perspective, on another layer it is reality.
     Peace and harmony in our world is not a ludicrous idea.  
Somehow, sometime in our past we became to believe that reaching a state of being, whether it be peace, enlightenment, egolessness, etc. , is an achievement, a destination that we arrive at and then everything falls into place.
     Arriving at a state of being might just mean manifesting that life condition, at that moment.  It’s a consistent practice that we reach through experiencing pain and joy, and everything in between, through our learning, our own enlightenment.
     I invite you to remember a time when you experienced a state of being at peace, or had an “Aha ” moment.  It was great, it uplifted you and you felt lightness and expansion, and probably a sense of freedom… and then what happened? 
      It eventually floated away.
Manifesting a state of being is a consistent practice
of concious action
of having a seeking spirit
…with courage and determination.  
     To continue to have such perseverance, we need motivation.
     Pain, conflict, obstacles can be shifted to motivation… the thing that makes you want to change, gain a different perspective, and do anything to make it all better.  Aligning all parts of ourselves, our minds, body, and soul, which bring a sense of peace and freedom.
     There will always be dark energy that contracts us, and light energy that expands us, as it’s as necessary, as the contraction and expansion of every breath into our bodies.

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