Is a belief only true because you believe it so?

Our beliefs are powerful. Many of them stem from childhood, a time when we have limited experiences and maturity. Here is a woman empowering herself through connection to her inner wisdom and creating a truer belief for herself and transforming her life with courage and determination!

Kristie Hindley - Migraine and Headache Coach


After spending a lot of time recently pondering about our beliefs and how they form our life and our world, I stumbled across this quote which left me intrigued to delve deeper into the subject. Gandhi has hit the nail on the head with this one!  Until recent months, in which I have nearly read all of Dr Joe Dispenza’s books, I had never really examined what beliefs I held and how they were affecting my world. As Gandhi explains, the beliefs you hold only go on to affect your actions, which then become your habits which ultimately become your destiny! All through a silly little belief that may or may not be true anymore? After all, how are beliefs formed in the first place? Through our thoughts? If so then maybe we should be more aware of what we are thinking from day to day? Maybe it’s time we all…

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1 thought on “Is a belief only true because you believe it so?

  1. Great post Stacy! I love this quote…I love knowing I can, if I choose, to reshape any belief I have. xo

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