Why do people lie?

I often asked myself, “Why do  people lie?”  That question has also made me check myself, “Do I lie?”  If I don’t follow through on commitments to myself, yes, that’s a lie to me!  If I’m always putting myself last on the list of priorities, yes, that’s another lie!  So that made me look deeper into what is really a lie and what is really the truth.

There is no such thing as TRUTH outside of you, TRUTH lies only with yourself.

Everything outside of us is only a mere perception, perception based on our own senses, and our own life condition at that time, and can be misconstrued as the other person’s truth.  ~That becomes the ILLUSION, aka a LIE.~

How can we live in truth?

 Create a practice of self acceptance, not judging and criticizing, but truly accepting what you do, say, how you look, mistakes, LOVE AND ACCEPT EVERY SINGLE PART OF YOUR LIFE.  This takes careful observation of your internal voice and how it makes you feel.

It’s NOT ok to judge yourself because the truth lies deep within your CORE, and by accepting who you are, and how you show up in life, you can truly be able to see yourself in full truth.

This is nourishment for you soul.



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