What impatience taught me

I’m at work and receive an email from a vendor who is confused about the shipping information on my order.  Mind you, I’ve been working with this person for several years and we’ve done this at least a hundred times!

So naturally, I’m irritated 😤 and impatient with this question….. as more work piles.

I begin to notice my impatience, feeling the tension building up from my heart, feeling hostility flowing upward and wanting to fire out through my fingers as I ferociously start to reply.

Then,     I PAUSE.

I take a deep, slow breathe, and inwardly ask, what is creating this feeling of impatience?  Answer: I want to get this done, and move on….

Why?  Answer: Because I want to get all this stuff done, so I don’t have to do it anymore.

Why don’t you want to do it?  Answer: Because I’m not enjoying this!


I’m not enjoying what I’m doing, I’m just getting it done.

But, I choose to spend my time there everyday.  So, if it’s my choice…I can do one of two things, chooose to  spend my time somewhere else, doing something enjoyable,


I can find what is enjoyable for me right now.

I choose now.  I chose to empower myself in the moment, rather than after this or when …. (fill in the blank)

I chose to free my mind from my own shackles. To enjoy what I can, even from the daily frustrations of life.

Choose to have a choice!IMG_0003



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