Feeling Through the Hard Stuff

In this moment, I’m in the shadows, the darkness of the subconsciousness of my mind.  This is the place where my hidden self lives, and I know this.

I feel it, but I can’t bring it forth with conciousness.

What lies in the dark corners of my ego, are the hurt and the pain that was masked by “I’m ok, I can handle this, I’m strong, I can do this!”  A sheer forceful drive, that drove this pain into the darkness in the first place.

But right now, I’m ready.

I’m ready to slowly, and compassionately, give myself the space to naturally allow the fear, the abuse, and the violence to resurface.

NOT to blame, NOT to be the victim, but to RECLAIM my body, my right to take up space, my right to say NO, and not feel like I’m a bad person.

Feeling the hard stuff

When I say NO:

I say YES to my truth, to my soul, to my life.

I say YES to honoring what the past is teaching me

I say YES to honoring my own power now

I say YES to honoring the vision that my anscestors lay before me.


This is bigger than what I can see, than what is tangible.  This is what is unseen, unheard, untouched, but deeply felt in to the depths my soul.

Allowing my emotions to flow, while observing it, like a curious scientist, observing an experiment.  Observing without judging myself, observing with compassion, observing with love and nurturing in my heart.

I am embarking on a journey to my truth, where the forest will be thick, dark,  and filled with monsters and demons, all filters of disillusionment from the past.  I will commit to devoting my energy to keep moving forward, because it is my birth right.

What is your birth right you want to reclaim?



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