Make room for destiny.

This shift of perspective to move forward, and allow change to happen comes at a pivotal time in my life. Letting go of a lifetime of fears, labels, and bad self talk can be harder than it seems. Let’s face it, who wants to harbor those things? No one really, yet it’s such a challenge to let go, and release that safety net, the net that’s tattered and torn, and would even catch you , should you fall, anyways…. Let go, release the attachment, and you must let things come to you.

You must learn to receive so that you may give.

Thriving Under Pressure

Are you ready to move on but are reluctant to let something go?

Letting go is not giving up.

Letting go is not giving in.

When you let go you make space for something better.

When you let go you generate energy needed for moving forward.


Close your eyes. Clear your heart.


Let go of what no longer serves you.

Let go of what weighs you down.


In doing so, you make room for destiny.

Your highest purpose.  Your greatest calling.

Your ultimate joy.

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