A sacred gift for you

ful cover

Ritual is a portal to call forth the divine.

It creates a threshold to step into something new.

It supports you in manifesting an intention.

Ritual puts feminine magic into motion.

I am so thrilled to join together with 20+ powerful facilitators to give you simple yet profound rituals that you can use with your sisters, in a women’s circle or by yourself in sacred ceremony.

These rituals will have you feel deeply connected with yourself and sisterhood, invoking self-love, forgiveness, wisdom, clarity, confidence and more! I highly recommend you download your complimentary Women’s Circle Ritual Handbook today: Ritual Handbook


As more and more women rise up into their leadership and take ownership of their truth and their voice, they feel a strong pull toward being in circle with other women.

The power of women gathering is immeasurable.

And when women come together to do sacred ceremony and ritual, magic and miracles happens.

That’s why Sistership Circle has brought together 20+ feminine leaders to create The Women’s Circle Ritual Handbook, a collection of powerful rituals to create deeper connection, clarity, confidence and more.

I’ve contributed my story of why I participate and lead circle, to help you see the benefits of circle, and why circle needs you, and how you can find empowerment and freedom to let go of the chains that hold you back from living the most fulfilling life you’ve ever imagined.  You can get a free copy of the book here: Ritual Handbook

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