I realize that self-care and sisterhood go hand in hand. Self-care leads to self-love and acceptance. So many of us, as women, have something about ourselves that we don’t like, and need to improve on.

It could be our bodies, our voice, the way we talk, or walk, and I could go on and on.


Really…… in self-care we begin to nourish and nurture ourselves, the way we do our children, family, friends, and pets. We do it in a way that really satisfies our heart and soul.

Self-care is soul food.

Part of self-care is being seen and heard in the expression of our voice. Our loud voice, our soft voice, our shaky voice, our angry voice.

Being in circle with women who silently acknowledge and hear you, allowing your vibration to reverberate into existence, is the most powerful experience that every woman needs to experience.

In this space of sisterhood, we connect to many women who reflect the many faces, of our own identity. Through honoring those women, a natural flow of honoring yourself begins to grow.

This deep, sacred honor of your essence, heals the wounds that you have put upon yourself, so quietly and deeply. We accept all parts of who we are, and love ourselves more completely, with love and compassion.

This brings the deep sense of connection, love, peace, and freedom within.

Like to find out about joining a virtual or in person circle? Message or email me.

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