Insatiable Mind, Abundant Heart

I’ve been going through, what I call, a weird period in my life. I say it’s weird because it came on all of a sudden, and gives me this weird, yucky feeling.

Recently, I’ve been feeling a sense of craving….

Craving for an email, podcast, book, or social media post that really opens my mind to more and more truth, and opens my heart.

I find myself looking for the next post, the next email, and in this pattern of learning and growing, I find it consuming as well. As a sensitive and quiet person, I love having time to just sit and ponder, having spaciousness, and having a feeling of timelessness.

As I questioned my own behavior, it came to me that my mind was the culprit. My mind is an insatiable, endless black hole. It can’t ever be satisfied, well, for only a period of time, that is.

Our minds are not satisfied, because satisfaction comes from a feeling.

Feelings are felt within the body, the spirit, the heart.

Changing our behavior, our ways of thinking come from letting go of our thoughts. Allowing the brain to relax, and let go.

Many unwanted feelings, and desired feelings may surface, and we must be courageous, and allow the feelings to flow through, and out. The feelings will need an outlet of some kind; art, sports, writing, or good ole heart to heart talks.

(Even some consistent nights of 8 hours of sleep will do the trick!)

Whatever the choice, it’s important to feel what’s on the inside, where the heart lives.

The heart is where we feel most abundant, grounded and safe. The mind is where we have endless thoughts that sway our perspectives, moment to moment, and brings safety in fear, anger, anxiety, etc.

Knowing this doesn’t change what I’m going through, but it does give me the power to accept myself, and practice unattaching from the thoughts in my mind, so I can begin to change the patterns of my thinking, and my actions.

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