The Truth About Truth

As I was listening to an audiobook, talking about questions that many of have when entering into the path of our purpose, the infamous question of “When will this happen? When will I get there?”

WHEN, is not a question of actual time, as in today tomorrow, next year, but WHEN, is based on the relation to shifts in consciousness.

We can only get to where we want to go by shifting our perception, so that we begin to take the right action that will take us to our vision.

I felt this opening in my chest, a feeling of heaviness lifting, and I knew this was TRUE.

Which led me to have this insight about truth.

“We all have eternal truth embedded within each one of us, at our core energetic level, where we are all one, in unity. How we tap into deeper truth, depends on the language and the vibe that the words are spoken, or expressed.

When this truth is spoken in away that is aligned to our own truth, we feel this deeply with our bodies.

And someone might ask you, but how do you know, and you can only answer, I just KNOW, I feel it!”

So we all have the truth, the answers within, it’s just waiting for the right time, when our perception has shifted, our condition of life is ready, and we are open to receive it.

Stay curious, believe that you have all the answers you seek, and seek your truth!

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