Confidence = Trust

This month I’m exploring and expanding my awareness in confidence.

It’s strange because I’ve always felt confident about my abilities, yet, at times feel a lack of confidence, you know what I mean?

So I decided to check into the root meaning of the word confidence, which it said, to have trust.

Trusting in self can be difficult, especially when we don’t listen to our intuition, when we don’t put our needs first, and we don’t follow through on commitments to ourselves.

To begin to trust ourselves, we all must take responsibility for our own lives. Trusting that, what we choose, whether it turns out positively or disappointingly, is the righty path to where our soul needs to be inevitably.

Self confidence, so tightly woven with self trust, is cultivated, as in any relationship.

As a flower grows, so does trust, with time, nourishment, consistency, and love.

Listen to the whispers of you heart.

Follow it.

And you will create a life that is treasured by your heart and soul.

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