Reminder to self

I can’t f**k this up.

There is no messing it up, or getting it wrong.

It’s just not possible to f**k up in your own life.

We’re told, so many times by the outside world, that we made a mistake, we did it wrong, failed, we’re not successful. That we basically f**k’d up.

And that feeling lingers within me.

That feeling that pushes and drives me forward, with that mean, uncaring feeling. Just get this sh*t done!

When I take some time, and do some deep thinking around this, I realize, there is no way I can f’up my life.

It’s my life, my choices, my path to happiness, my life of learning and growing, so it’s impossible to be wrong, or screw it up.

Only in the eyes of the others, from another perspective, the perspective of another life’s path, would it look, sound, feel, or taste wrong.

I choose today, and everyday forward, (until I need another reminder, that is 😆) to remind myself:

I can’t f**k up my own life, I only make the best choices available to me, and keep going.

All other voices, and self judgements come from the others in the outer world, not from the truth of the inner self.

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