The truth of why I don’t get enough sleep

I’m so tired.

And then, I have a chance to take a nap, but then again I could go for a run, paint, maybe journal, or do something that’ll inspire me.

I’ve been in this cycle again and again.

Feeling tired and disconnected from my own self, and at times can’t really notice it, until I’m exhausted.

Many of us today get addicted, whether it’s coffee, alcohol, tv, getting attention, or like me, self improvement.

At the surface level, honestly, it’s not that bad, we’re still functional, and it’s not an addiction, it’s what we enjoy, it helps me to get through the day.

No problem.

Going deeper, maybe several layers deep, to observe.

Observing the TRUE state of my being in that moment. What do I really need right now?


There is a distraction, that pulls me away from my own truth. A pattern from the past.

In this moment of insight, I feel the weight of my body relax, I fall to the comfort of my bed, and fall asleep.

Being in alignment, means doing the things that are nurturing and caring for ourselves in that moment.

Discerning, in that moment, what you really need. Everything else is a distraction and can become addicting overtime.

Listen to the wisdom of your body, and sleep. Sleep is the time your body heals and rejuvenates.

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