Wandering in Search of Truth

Are they the same?
They don’t feel the same.
Empty feel as though something is missing
spaciousness feels freeing
so is it a perspective?
Emptiness as in unattached,
no expectations,
yes, this gives a feeling of LACK to the brain, to the ego of survival!
Yes! That is where the feeling of emptiness resides.
Is this true?
but what can our egos trust in?
Ego must cling onto something, it must, for survival.
Can it cling and attach to that which is moving, but seems stable and comfortable?
Can it trust in something?
It trusts in the feelings of the body.
The emotions within the body allows the ego to trust,
and attach to that.
It can trust deep truth.
Truth that is foundational to our lives,
truth that is eternal,
beyond space and time.
Truth that is sustainable, stable, and dynamic,
as we are dynamic beings.
Our ego needs this comfort,
our lives need this space, and flow,
to grow wildly,
to empower our natural energy that gives into the flow of life.
What is the deeper truth?
Truth is felt deep within the body, the cells, the expression of the voice,
that is uncontrolled, excited, and confident.
if truth were personified,
to me it would look like a vivacious redwood tree,
tall, majestic, sustainable, and tall beyond it’s peers.
In search for deep truth,
the kind that,
exists within our realm,
looks different for each individual,
must be experienced in the depths of our soul,
the kind that when given it to words,
sounds the same to all.
Applies to all phenomena.
As we live this truth,
it is embedded in our bodies,
in our egos in that deep subconscious,
and knows no other.
it will fight, and claw to keep this truth,
we would give our lives to stand in this truth,
for without this truth,
we would be nothing,
mean nothing,
feel nothing.
Do you have this sort of truth in your life?

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