Heartfelt Gratitude

To authentically feel gratitude in a time of pain, takes a complete practice that cultivates a deeper and broader awareness of the reality of life.

To feel gratitude, for the opportunities that allow us to change our lives, doesn’t mean to sweep it under the rug or to push down the pain, or to smooth it out.

It is the the realization of the truth of our human life, in its present reality.

As humans we are the strong, we are wired to survive, and have survived this far from our survival mechanisms.

We naturally become attached to our own beliefs. Thus our perspectives can get distorted and distant, from a truth that is timeless, consistent, and is the universal law that governs our life. The law of cause and effect.

Whether we are able to see truth or not, it exists. We may choose not to see truth, for we are attached to ourselves and our own minds.

When we can allow ourselves to open up, allow our minds to relax, expand, and become flexible, we then allow ourselves the space and distance needed to seek universal truth in our current reality.

In that endeavor we find peace,

through awakening to the reality of life.

Here lies heartfelt gratitude.

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