Living a Balanced Life

When I hear the word balance, I automatically envision the engrained image of a tightrope walker, balancing high up in the air.

Sometimes life FEELS like that, scary, unsure, and a little exhilarating! But what I’ve come to realize is that life balance comes from the deeper understanding of life itself.

Understanding parts of life that are unchanged throughout time. When I say understand, I’m not speaking about with the knowledge or mental understanding, but that which comes from knowledge AND experience, and it’s bridged together by insight into one’s own life.

Having said that, balance is the realization of the oneness of extremes. Ok, stay with with here, I’ll explain.

Within our human existence, we experience pain and pleasure, joy and sorrow, even simply feeling hot and cold.

At the time of experiencing one extreme, we naturally tend to move toward the other extreme. Here you may be thinking, yeah, that’s how we create balance. Sure to some extent that is true.

However I’d like to dive a little deeper.

The ability, in the moment of living the extremes, or anywhere in between, to fully understand and realize that bridging the relationship of your feeling of joy within sorrow, and your sorrow within joy, creates an effect that brings reality to a middle ground.

As an example, It’s like this for me.

When I feel so much joy, I notice those around me, and I see those who are not feeling this same joy, who are getting pulled into many directions, I feel sorrow in my joy.

When I’m in sorrow, I’m able to become vulnerable, face my sadness, and find deeper truth in my reflection of self. These insights give me joy.

Manifesting this type of experiential understanding within our daily lives, creates the balance within extreme circumstances or situations.

With balance we’re able to create stability in a world that is unstable. A sense of stability within our dynamic world, we are able to make better decisions, creating a life that moves in the direction that we envision for ourselves.

2 thoughts on “Living a Balanced Life

  1. Your article is very good, but the main thing here which I feel that living a balance life is some time not in our hands. But it is by God what God wants us to be 🙏. Thanks for sharing this.


    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. We may have different views about this, and I respect your beliefs and feel that this difference in views is also part of the balance in life that invite us to look deep within ourselves, our beliefs, and our values.

      For me, empowerment hasn’t come forth through believing that there is already a plan in place, but rather the plan is set forth by the actions we take, which leads to the effects we experience. Every thought, every word, every action is both a simultaneous cause and effect in itself.


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