In my fear of things, I’ve built an internal posse of tools that I use to “motivate” and drive me forward. It’s helped me in my life, but as time goes on, it taxes my mind, body, and power.

One of the tools to torment and torture myself is the tool of shame. To shame myself to feel unworthy recognition of any effort, feeling that my value is minimal below everyone, even those who have not even tried, going to the edge with this thought.

This feeling of shame makes me want to run, hide, and never come out.

The most common gesture of shame is when we cover our face. We hide. This is NOT a motivational tool!

When people tell people, you should know better, that’s shame. Embarrassing others, cutting others down, criticizing them without compassion and empathy.

Shaming isn’t encouraging or supportive.

We need to shame less, both toward ourselves and toward others.

With love ~

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