“I’m Sorry” an Expression of Compassion

This is a phrase I often use.

I use it to express my apologies not for being myself, not always to say I was wrong, not to be submissive .

Sorry is the expression of my empathy and compassion for another person’s feelings in certain situations. An expression of understanding and a way to convey my heartfelt understanding of the inconvenience, pain, or suffering we feel as humans.

Many times, I express my apologies for the hurt someone else may feel, even in a situation that I felt was harmless. I apologize for the way my actions hurt them and express that I can relate to the pain.

This is not an apology of taking blame, but truly relating to pain at the level of humanity and expressing heartfelt human kindness.

We are all here at this time, with each other based on our past actions and collective energy moving through our lives .

Sorry is an expression of taking responsibility for my part, showing compassion for another, and creating a heartfelt connection with one another.

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