Of sky and trees

There comes a time I life, I feel so overwhelmed with life. The stress, the problems, and the pain. I feel overwhelmed, from what I see as unnecessary struggles with societal dreams and fears.

I look to the tree, they are still and peaceful beings. I wonder if I could be them. I’m jealous of there existence. How could they just stand there, and dance with the wind, as I agonize over my sufferings?

I connect to them for a moment, so that I can remember who I am, my purpose, and that I’m able to make impactful changes that affect the tree.

I look to sky for hope and vision, and here I feel the call of my heart. A state of feeling lighter and safe.

All the while, from a far distance, I know this all is encompassing, a moment of the law of cause and effect. All of our actions, yes those that we choose NOT to acknowledge, are all part of our current life.

For this fortunate moment, I allow myself to express this reveal, in the expression of paint. A tribute to sky and tree, and the golden sun that allows us to see them.

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