Why Have a Morning Practice?

Six years ago I started this journey back to connecting to myself.

One of the first things I heard was to create a morning practice. All the successful people have a morning practice that sets our mindset for the day.

When our minds haven’t yet been influenced by the messages in our phones, we take the opportunity of the open mind to create feelings that feel so good and juicy, the kind of feelings we wish we felt in our daily routines of life.

Beyond that, I’ve recently come to observe that my practice of writing, painting , and Qoya, have become a part of my lifestyle. Over the years, the practices that have stuck with me are the ones truely make me feel warm in my heart, uplifted and ready for my day~

While doing this for several years, I noticed that these actions have now become my routines and someday will become away of life and a way to financially support my life.

Morning practices not only creates the intention for your day, root yourself in your desired feelings, but also are the steps toward creating the life you love! 💕

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