Finding Prince Charming

Here we are in the ebb and flow of life.
I notice within me a stillness, a place of grounding, the observant mind. It notices where tension, overwhelm, and rage lurks in the dark, hiding from the conscious mind.
The rage grew from fear and the inability to move, the frozen feeling in a little child’s heart. Humiliation of the body, mind, and soul.
How I survived to come out on the other side?
Love songs warmed my heart, and I yearned for love , I yearned to be old enough to find this love with a man one day, my Prince Charming.
I searched and searched, discarding those who didn’t fit my ideal like an old gum wrapper. Opening the next and and the next. Had I known then, that the love I so desperately sought out was all along right there, in the actual knowing and feeling into the love that I already felt.

In hindsight, I thought I would find this love outside of me, all the while as I felt this love, it was present FOR me.
This was and still is my connection to love, deep love in my heart.
I survived with love. I continue to survive with love. Love stimulates my heart and brings me out of my thoughts and into the warm and fuzzy.
What our heart desires and aches for, is already alive within us.
Invite what you desire, to become your own savior.

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1 thought on “Finding Prince Charming

  1. Beautiful words and message Stace – Love this! Sending big love to you and your family. xo Em


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