Sacred Intention

For the past several years, I thought sacred goals, were goals that I thought up and then to be put into a sacred box , this made them sacred.

What I’ve come to realize is, this isn’t true for me. And because my body couldn’t feel this truth, I couldn’t manifest any goals into reality, for a sustainable amount of time.

Sacred, are those in which are connected to both individual life and all of life around us. That which is timeless and evolving with time. Goals are the physical manifestations of intention. In speaking of Intention, it refers to the soul’s desire, a desire of a feeling to be birthed into reality, however it is meant to be. We do not dictate how our intention will look, act, sound, or taste like, but we will know because we will feel it.

This message that comes through me, I share as a sacred intention to plant a seed, and for others to cultivate and nourish this seed with the rich experiences of your own unique life. My wish is to see each seed to grow out into this world, showered with the nutrients of life’s challenges and joys and for that in itself allow your true existence, to beautify the garden of Earth.

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