We are mirrors of each other.

We are all here for a purpose.

Ever ask yourself, what is my purpose? Why are we all here, in the end we will all face death, and what was the purpose of life?

I asked these questions as a disgruntled child of domestic violence. If there was no real purpose, no real value to endure this life, why live? WHY LIVE!?

I see now that because of this soul desire to understand this, my path in life unfolded the way it did. I experienced more trauma in my life at the hands of men outside of my family, and felt unseen by the women around me. Painful situation after situation, I found myself in a cycle of frustration and anger. The emotions gave me the motivation and power to change.

Looking back now, I see the cause, the question that I had, had let me down the path to understand life’s purpose. This experience of understanding, lives in my heart and soul, enlightens the burden I carried.

No one brought it upon me, I created it myself (unknowingly at that time). Sure, I needed all the conditions and timing to be in synchronicity for the lessons to be taught, but the true cause was the desire to find the answer of life’s purpose.

People are in our lives, as mirrors, and we are theirs. When I look at someone, I see all that my eyes can see, and I feel all that my heart can feel. I see the outside as different (which makes it interesting to me) and I see the inside with a curious heart. As I listen to their words, I find myself saying in silence, “I’ve felt that too” , “I know that feeling all too well”, “Yes, it’s hard”, “Wow, how can I apply that to my life?”, or “I hear you, I feel you, you are courageous and strong”.

To see this mirror, be the change, we must listen to understand through experiencing their words. Listen to understand, listen to feel compassion, listen to reflect how we are feeling, listening to see ourselves in others, and in that way, we are so much more capable to understand one another, and reveal where oneness lives within us all, in this life experience.

Gathering in circle, we become a conduit for connection, communication, reflection and vulnerability. Within this circle, we give ourselves permission to be open, truthful, and imperfect, and to be held in love and compassion.

Join us in Sistership in Circle, co-creating 1 million circles to shift the planet into a new feminine leadership!

Click here to join us! No sister left behind!



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