True Heart

We should not strive to be good people, but to reveal our true heart.

When we strive to do good, be good, we end up always disappointing someone, and most of all ourself.

We are human.

We make mistakes.

We f up.

If we instead, focus on being our true self, and know that when we unintentionally hurt someone, revealing our true and vulnerable hearts can make all the difference in the world.

It takes practice to feel safe to be vulnerable, to reveal our hearts, or to get the words out to say what you REALLY mean.

A place that has no judgement, no feedback, no cross talk, a place where everyone shows up as themself, that’s where we can feel safe, and learn to express our true heart, that’s what I found in Circle.

For me, Circle is a place where I learn to speak the things that I fear, and the fear dissolves.

This is the medicine of circle.

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