We hear about oneness. But HOW are we all connected?

Because our natural human nature can obviously perceive what is outside of us rather than what is within, we rely on outside information such as what we can see, hear, taste, touch, and prove to others.

We survived. We found hope looking outside ourselves. And so we evolved in this way. Looking to the outside powers that are greater than ourself.

As a world that has survived thousands of years this way, we’ve come to a crossroads, a turn in the spiral of existence.

It’s time to look within. Deep within. Observation of oneself, on all levels of life. Understand that we are all connected not by an outer force, because all forces that are governed by a natural universal law.

We must seek the law that governs all forces. When we find the law that connects us, and all phenomena, our human race will shift it’s awareness, FEEL the connection vs. knowing it, and our actions will follow suit.

The law of attraction is well known to fulfill our desires. Yet, aren’t we meant to go deeper? Mustn’t we see wider, and on a broader spectrum?

Isn’t The Law of Causality in essence the law that governs all? There is no need to personify this law. We see the evidence of this law within ourselves, within nature, within our world, within the universal existence.

This may trigger your defenses to go up. To argue, to resist. And I invite those who experience this, to ask yourself “What is my mind attached to?” “Could I open my mind, not necessarily empty, but open, as an open hand?” If not, what belief is holding me back. Is there fear, guilt, shame, control….?

Here is where, when we get deeper connection within ourselves, open to admitting our vulnerable feelings to ourself, we open up to more possibilities of a different life for ourselves and for this planet, and the expansive universal energies of life.

Like air, we can’t see it, however, we look and observe ourself, we breathe air, we experience it, whether we believe it or not.

With divine love for harmony, peace, and happiness.

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