Women, trust yourself.

Women, trust yourself.

Women, trust yourself.

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Do you trust yourself? Or do you doubt yourself? As girls and women, over the course of life have doubted ourselves, in this way of how we live in society. A society of money, power, greed, control and fear.

As women, we have an innate urge to please, to love, to show kindness, to care for others, and to make others feel good. That innate urge, gives us pleasure. We feel it within, and it feels so good.

Over time, and the course of our lives, we’ve begun to see that there is danger is being this way. The fear hypes up our senses, our emotions, our way of life. Do you find yourself anxious, scared after hearing attacks on women, feel hyper vigilant while you are out alone?

If you do, you’re not alone.

We have been taught to feel ashamed of our feelings, feel ashamed of what happens to us, if we fall victim to violation of our body, violation of our heart, violation of our pure intentions. We are made to feel wrong. That we could have stopped it. We should have said something, we should have done something. Yet deep, deep down, in the crooks of our subconscious, we have been taught all along, to be nice to strangers, to be polite and considerate to people we don’t know, and be appreciative.

Instead, we must shift this way of how we raiser our girls, shift the way of our inner girl child.

Now is the time. When we hear of sex trafficking, rape, sex slaves, molestation, incest…. there is so much of it coming to the surface. It’s time to rise. It’s time for girls and women to stop fighting against each other to get ahead. It’s time to come together, to learn how to support each other to get ahead. This is the time.

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