When we embody our full power, our magnificence, we bring energy in the formless, into form in a physical way.

We embody with intention, attention, and practice. No fake it till you make it. It’s more like change your reality with consistent action.

So say you want to embody confidence. We bring that intention forward with our attention to it. We then might look to our past in therapy, or take a class, or hire a coach, or all of the above.

As we do these things we are on our way to embody confidence.

Embodiment is manifested through practical experiences, and consistent practice. This allows our body to sense all of the sensations that is associated with change, from where you currently are to where you want to be.

Our consistent practice becomes one’s reality. It doesn’t feel so scary, or unsafe in the reptilian mind, nor in the body.

That’s when the uncomfortable becomes comfortable, or at least a little more comfortable day by day.

Think about how you’ve gotten from birth to where you are today. It was a gradual change, and probably not smooth sailing, as those bumps and ebb and flow is what allowed us to embody what we focused on.

Embodiment is my intention for this year, and as we enter the last months of the year, I can’t believed this golden insight came to me!! Love it!

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