Letting Things Fall

So many times, when things aren’t going the way they’re supposed to, I jump in and try to fix it. Fix it before it becomes a problem.

This is the lesson… while my shoulder is healing from a pinch nerve, the pain becomes excruciating when I jerk it or move it in the wrong way. Well, while I was sweeping the floor one day, I put the broom against the wall for a bit, and it started to fall, and the instinctually pulled my arm in front to catch it, and really hurt my shoulder. I could feel it clenching.

What I realized was I instinctually, reach out to catch things when they’re falling. At that moment of reflection, a voice inside whispered, “You don’t have to catch everything.”

I pile on the feeling of being responsible for things when I’m not. I try to catch everything before it falls. But what for? Some things can fall and cause no harm.

Some things might fall and break. But maybe it would break open something new or exciting!

While healing this shoulder, I’m learning to let things out of my clenches, allow the flow to come through, and unattach to the old ways of my thinking.

Allowing the healing to flow through my body, and allowing that healing to empower my mind, body, and spirit.

~with love

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