Accepting the human- ness in each other seems to be a difficult thing.

We actually have to say it out loud, “Well, I’m only human, I make mistakes” for people to actually think twice about their judgment.

I’ve been practicing accepting the human aspects in other people. When people lie, I say to myself, people I this world lie, humans lie, this person is human. Putting it in an object perspective. Then, my human-ness steps in, and assesses what is good for me and what I need to walk away from.

But having this context, prior to making a decision, being in a sense of compassion and acceptance. And when I am able to feel that within me, despite the hurt and pain I may be feeling, I am learning to accept that part of me in which I have criticized, judged, or maybe even neglected.

I now begin to heal, to accept, to love, to honor, and to care for my inner and outer wellbeing.

~With love and compassion.~

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