Sistership Circle – The Power of Pleasure

Pleasure as medicine

Through this busy time, as the seeds of spring are being sprouted, we sometimes lose ourselves in the doing.

I often stop and wonder, how did so get so caught up in my to do list? I had such a feel good practice.

We all need reminders, as human life is naturally influenced by our environment, the weather, the people, situations, the news, relationships, finances, health, you name it, and it can pull us away from what truly lights us up.

This month we are exploring together the power of pleasure. There’s lots of different ways we experience pleasure, it could be sensual, sexual, creative, etc. The power of pleasure has been buried beneath our to do list.

It’s so important to find the balance, and bringing pleasure and joy back into our lives.

It all begins with defining pleasure in our minds and our bodies.

What does pleasure feel like?

What do I do that gives me pleasure?

🌀Simple pleasures are the pebbles that ripple the waters of joy out into your daily life.

💎 In circle, your voice matters, your presence matters, you matter. When we come together in circle we create a shared experience of open hearted, empowered, and a healing conversation.

⭕️ Join me in circle this Saturday April 10 at 9am Hawaii, 12pm Pacific, 3pm Eastern time. **Please note – the registration link shows 10am, but I’m in the process of correcting it to 9am hawaii time.

💛Please click here to register:

❓For any questions, please email me at

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