Limiting Beliefs

What are limiting beliefs?

I’ve been exploring within me, the thoughts and beliefs that are holding back, creating a barrier, anchoring me down.

I received an email, and they asked, how are you going to make 6 figures if you don’t complete your registration?

Instead of motivating me to complete my registration, it make me think more deeply.

Who said I wanted to make 6 figures? That’s not my goal, money does not motivate me.

Second, I do so a lot of others things that completing my registration, as if completing it would guarantee that earning.

Here are some limiting beliefs, that might not be so limiting after all.

I don’t have a goal  to make 6 figures.
I want to make connections, and expand to the extent that feels just right, not out of touch.

I can’t grow a business to reach thousands.
Instead , I want to grow my inner world, to become a ripple that allows others to ripple through the common vibration we all share.

I can’t  go viral.
I want to go deep. I want to know who you are, what you stand for, how we are different, and what can I learn from you being you.

I can’t get a million hits in one day.
I want 1 sincere , intimate , conversation, that leads to a friendship, eventually.

If these limiting beliefs won’t allow me to create what wants to move through my soul and into the world, then I will honor that, and find tranquility in trying.

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