Where the light Enters

Over the past week, I’ve been in this place of internal uneasiness, to say the least. I’m feeling all of the spectrum of emotions, and trying to stay with them.

My first response is, what the heck, why am I feeling this way, reach for something to distract me, HURRY! Trying to get out of it.

I’ve been now practicing to stay with it. It’s challenging, especially when those feelings of intense frustration makes me want to punch something. I feel so stiff, stuck, and frustrated!

I tell myself, it’s ok. Feel it. Stay with it. Dig deep.

I ask myself what am I feeling? What am I telling myself? What is my belief, right now in this moment?

It gets intense.

It’s like a volcano that can’t explode, and feels like it will implode instead.

And then, I breath.

I become aware of my reality, and then know I’m safe.

I’m ok. I let it come through, and I observe, with noticing and perceiving what’s coming through.

Aha! The insight reveals itself, or a remembrance of a childhood incident.

I go to that incident, not re-living it, but also noticing the feelings.

Here I get to the root of what I’m truly feeling and what belief is creating these undesired feelings.

And , this is where the light enters.

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