Moon Energy

Location: Taken from my bed

I woke up to this moon. Eyes heavy, and my heart alive.

I stared at it, with a loving gaze. She didn’t expect anything from me, she was just there, and so was I.

I thought, “I don’t feel the energy of the moon.” And then, letting go of the thought , my mind floated toward her, in wonder.

If I was there, this blue sky would be dark sky. This window would not be seen. How open my heart felt with this wonderous perspective.

This is the higher self. The self that not only the deep layers of our soul, the higher self that lives in the broader states of perspective as if looking at our lives from the moon.

The higher self that rises above the occasion, sees from a neutral state the chaos in our minds caused by the outer influences and the inner critics of our life.

The part of us that loves others while feeling irritated and angry at them, at the same time.

The self that knows to seek truth, that knows that this will pass. The self that is not so much all about the self.

The parts that are mysterious, ever changing, cyclical, universally infinite.

The energy of the moon.

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