Walk Your Path

Follow your heart, it will lead the way.

I know we all want to move quickly through life to get to the happiness. That’s our human- ness. That’s also influenced by so many “influencers” and when we keep hearing it over and over, subconsciously we start to believe it.

While I’m susceptible to my surroundings as well, I do my best to make informed decisions and actions.

For long lasting results, we need to transform. Transformation take practice, patience, consistency, and support.

First, seeking what practices resonate with you. What helps you to truly see yourself, all of yourself. What lens to do look through.

Patience. Like a seedling emerging through the earth, growing its leaves, expanding, and blooming its flowers, and finally fruits to savor. How long does that take? Depends on the plant, the environment, and the inner workings that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Consistently. Showing up in life, for yourself, every day. Allowing. Trusting. Expanding. Constricting. Doubting. Resisting. Consistently be in the moment.

Support is not only from others, but also from your inner critic. Giving yourself what you need. Knowing what it is that you need. Re-aquatinting yourself with your heart. Receiving support the way you need it.

All of this cannot be done quickly. That’s not real. It will snap back with a vengeance.

This is my plea to you. Be kind to yourself. Explore, experience, and express your voice. Let us hear you, let us hear your heart.

Allow your heart to guide you through life’s up and downs. ❤️

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