I used think that it was so important to have understanding for one another.

That when we can come to an understanding, somewhat of a mutual agreement, after an exchange of ideas and perception, we would live a more harmonious and peaceful life.

What I’ve come to realize, on a deeper layer, we can’t always have am understanding without really becoming what we are trying to understand.

We gain true understanding through experience. We must experience something to have a deep resonance with it.

Even then, the experience does not necessarily support the understanding of another person’s experience. This is because understanding, is on the conscious level. The ego is involved and there is much more potential for a misunderstanding.

Even more so, than understanding one another, I realized that acceptance is a much more potent tool for living in harmony.

Acceptance of others as they are. Being able to see people whole and complete in the moment. And in each moment of our life, it is the perfect version that we live.

The happy and the sad, the joyful and the painful all have a role in the bigger picture of life. When we practice acceptance, of self, of others, of circumstances, then can we begin to embrace life with heart.

Heart teaches us to live in rhythm of what is, and live in harmony with all parts of ourselves and the world around us.

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