Emotional Overturning

Our physical desires and needs also indicate spiritual desires & needs, because they are connected and move together as one within us. When I feel stuck, there’s a disconnection of mind, body, and spirit.

To create flow, a state of natural actions and behavior, we must be doing something that harmonizes our whole being, and it FEELS easy, and simple.

Our society has grown from force and drive, and it’s a time when we can now balance our lives, to discern, between force and flow.

Shifting from fearful heart to courageous heart, that dares to see beauty and the medicine in each repelling circumstance, and dare to dive into the presence of the emotional overturning, and allow the movement of past stories, to surface, breathe, and be moved out of your being.

Courageous heart you got this!

-with love ❤️

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