When you feel like quitting, Begin again…

“Don’t stop when you feel like quitting, you are at the verge of success.” ~every mentor I come across

When I first began my coaching training, I heard this, and it was encouraging, yet felt so much like a push and drive.  In present time, several years later, after years moving forward through determination and passion to help others, OH MY GOSH!  I finally made the connection of what this really means!!

So, I feel compelled to share this with you, my fellow hard working, push through, baggy eyed sisters.

So let me start at the beginning.  You know when you first learn something new, like riding a bike, or starting a new coaching/mentoring business, or sisterhood circle, there IS a process we all go through, conscious or unconscious.

Unconscious incompetence – you don’t know, what you don’t know and you feel open, and curious.

Conscious incompetence – you are trying to put into action what you know, you feel uncomfortable, frustrated, and overwhelmed at times, and maybe think, “I don’t know if this is for me” or “this is good, but not my style” or something else along those lines.

Unconscious competence – you are embodying what you know, without realizing it, you feel like you’re still searching, and making small steps, and you may feel impatient.

conscious competence – you harmonize what your actions with what you know, and you feel confident, empowered, light, and ease

As you might have guessed, the conscious incompetence stage is the most difficult stage where we feel like quitting, giving up, and throwing in the towel.

Our ego, the survival mechanism to our life, is feeling this change.  The pressure of the not being good enough, the drive, the push….all of that is bringing on the high alert for your survival instincts to kick in.  It builds and builds, you talk yourself out of quitting, get grounded into your purpose, and then want to quit again, and again.  I actually catch myself, shaking my head like a wet dog, because there’s so much overwhelm soaked in my brain.

Once we can be kind to ourselves, honor our learning pace, using loving and supportive words to support our path we chose, we can change this pattern… or at least minimize the inner drama we cause ourselves.

Listen, notice, observe…  be still and hear the words that you tell yourself, and even more so, notice how you FEEL.  Observe how often this happens, and when it happens.

Then, DECIDE that you will turn this around, and you WILL practice loving kindness with words, and practices for yourself.  Make a commitment  to yourself.  Make sure you talk about your commitment with other people that support this change, that want you to be successful, that honor your way of life!

DON’T give up, when you’re tired of it, take a rest.  GIVE IN.

Give into your needs.  Give into your pleasures. Give into nurturing yourself. Give into play. Give into what opens and warms your heart, this is the place of creation.

When you’re full of love and life, begin again.

The truth about Truth


Divine guidance from my journal

My branding mentor said this on our call today….

You have to be TRUE to yourself, in order to speak the TRUTH.

Throughout my life I tried to be a honest as I could.  Being true to yourself means saying yes to the things that light you up and no to the things that drain you.  Stop people pleasing, and trying to please everyone else first.

Truth is the soul truth, what’s true in your heart.  

As you go on your life path, your soul is transforming and the truth of who you were before, also changes to the truth of who you are now.  So to honor that, you must be flexible in your thinking and flow with your heart.

What’s the BIG idea about “boundaries”?


Having boundaries has become such a buzz nowadays. Some people love boundaries while others believe that it’s not necessary. Thinking about having boundaries can seem, well, uncaring and selfish.

Many articles talk about having healthy boundaries, and to stand up for yourself. If this brings on anxiety, or thoughts that this will make you become unavailable, unsympathetic, and just not caring, then keep reading.

What if boundaries meant that you were honoring someone else’s mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energy? That by respecting someone else’s thoughts, feelings, space, and beliefs, you have created a golden boundary, built of deep love and respect.

When we embrace the fact that everyone is unique, yet, we are all on this journey together, boundaries naturally arise from a deep source. That source moves through you and nurtures, nourishes and supports the other person’s state being.

So the BIG idea is… boundaries supports us to create deep, meaningful relationships through embracing individuality on all levels, with respect that nourishes our life condition and the vibration we send out into the world.
~from my heart to yours

A Migraine Must Have!

MeFor those who suffer through life with headaches and migraines, or know anyone who does, this might be an alternative to pills for coping.

Hope Vs Headaches

Generally throughout my recovery I would say I’ve been taking two steps forward with the occasional one step back. Well this week, it’s felt more like one step forward and two steps back. Just when you feel like you are making progress, out of nowhere, you get hit by that ominous feeling which unfortunately seems so familiar to you. My neck muscles tense, my head starts to pulse, and the unquenchable thirst sets in. That’s when I know it’s time to batten down the hatches and take cover for a few days, until the storm decides to pass. Sadly, as soon as one storm passed this week, a second one hit, just a couple of days later, which naturally left me feeling extremely low and exhausted from all the turbulence I had been facing. After a while, you do start to wonder whether you will ever get to see that beautiful…

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